NLE Security Solutions

Delivering 3rd Generation Security Solutions

NLE is a Utah-based next generation cybersecurity firm providing integrated solutions and managed security services with local support and engineering. We represent the top network and application security manufacturers to simplify and improve your business Security Fabric.

A correctly implemented Security Fabric will help prevent the ominous call in the middle of the night! To win the cybersecurity battle businesses need an accelerated threat response along with a cohesive Security Fabric!

By leveraging a 5 billion node neural network, for example, businesses can now receive accelerated actionable threat intelligence and automated responses to stop known and unknown threats.

NLE is here to deliver Third Generation Security Solutions that allows our customers to sleep at night.

SMB Needs Enterprise Level Security

Security Fabric Product Categories

Network Security

Multi-Cloud Security

Endpoint Security

Email Security

Web & Application Security

Secure Unified Access (Wire and Wireless)

Advanced Threat Protection

Management and Analytics

What is 3rd Generation Network Security?

Current Threatscape

Stopping Advanced and Targeted Attacks

  • Requires accelerated communication between security inspection points
  • Requires threat intelligence integration with local alerting and reporting
  • Requires all Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) PLUS 3rd Generation ATP and Internal Segmentation - an Integrated Approach
  • Requires a Multi-Cloud and unified NOC and SOC approach

CIO/CISO Priorities 2018-2020

  • Develop Internal and External Digital Transformation

  • Develop and Test Incident Response Plans

  • Internal Segmentation with Broader Visibility and Controls

  • Simplify and Consolidate Security Services with Multi-Cloud Approach

  • Invest in Partners and Vendors who deliver 3rd Generation Security Services